Mere existence on web is not sufficient nowadays. If a website has just static information, chances are that it will start loosing visitors soon. If any website is just designed for a limited customer base, then probably the website maintenance staff will not care to update or even visit it. Using a separate application for administration, may lead to maintenance of data at two different places. On top, frequent application updates and maintaining multiple copies of same data at different places is a nightmare in itself. So, what is the solution? Why not have something at a central place which is updated frequently, allows you administration, gives you reports, and is available from any PC worldwide. Be it for a small office use or for a multi national corporate, a complete Web Application can serve it all.

Whether you are planning to have a web presence or already have a website, we enhance your websites by integrating it with unique web applications, so that your website is more than just an online brochure of your company.
If you are new to web and want to establish a presence on the web, take a look at our:-

If you are thinking about framing a new application, you can opt for our web based application service.

Complete Web Application Package   


If you are already having an application and want to migrate some or all of it on the web, we provide various services to help you get there. We, at N T Soft Technologies, understand that the process of migration from a standalone application to a complete web based solution is usually done in phases and requires lot of testing or even data migration. We usually encourage our Customers to try it out in small & well defined pieces before transporting the entire application on the web.

We offer various web application services:-                   

  • Add-ON Website Components
  • Web Interface to existing applications
  • Module based migration to Web

When you get any of our Web Application services, we ensure you get maximum benefits out of it. Some of the standard benefits you get are listed below:-

  1. Free support and training.
  2. Free Setup